6 February 2007

A nice warm, sunny day...

... for some more digging. Only I got down to the allotments and found them still covered in frost. Bit disappointing, but cut down quite a bit of the hedge with Vicky from the neighbouring plot so we now have more light! Cut up some of the branches for pea/bean sticks so there is less to burn.

Tidied out a bit of the greenhouse area of (yet more) glass and rubbish and discovered the soil is unlikely to support any growth without some serious interventions. Read the info from 'allotment school' and discovered I'd not put anywhere near enough lime on the beds I'd created the other day. Still better that way than adding too much! I also ordered 25kg of seaweed meal from Garden Direct, which strictly speaking is an early birthday present.

Was offered some manure on Sunday evening from Vicky in no 17, although I think most of the site wants some of what is left. I think we'll be getting through a lot between us all so probably won't be the last delivery...


Greenmantle said...

That's an interesting technique...I've always used pruners or a saw to cut my hedges.

Mind you she seems a very useful tool to have if she produces manure as well!

Welsh Girl's Allotment said...

Its great to see you and yours back on the plot ! By the way I have tagged you - visit my blog and you will see what its all about - you don't need to do anything it took me a month to get round to it - happy planting!!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, found this though your link on the sheffield forum. Are yoon Hagg Hill 2? I'm looki for a plot and was wondering as to the feasibility of taking one on, they all seem very overrown with lots of trees!


Tchad Western

Tchad said...

Hi again,

With some friends I have applied to take a plot of 4 allotments and work through them bit by bit. We have sent paperwork off for 47 - 50, which are a forest and not quite sure if we are sane. Anyway wanted to say thankyou for your blog and comments on Sheffield Forum, they've helped me to take the plunge. Looking forward to meeting people on their allotments!


Tchad Western