30 December 2006

A visit from Santa

Not much activity down the allotment recently, due to Mrs D injuring her knee at the beginning of December and not being able to move much (still), oldest childs 5th birthday in the middle of December, Christmas and of course the weather being miserable.

On the plus side though, Santa was most generous this year on the gardening front. As well as the wheelbarrow purchased some time ago, but officially a Christmas present, I also received some vouchers from Garden Organics, a pair of wellies, another pair of gardening gloves (actually far too nice for wearing down the allotment!), lots of seeds, plant and row markers and some string for marking rows, etc. Mrs D is also paying for me to go on an Organic Gardening course run nearby. Now of course all I need is some time and the weather to cooperate to get back down there to do something!

To pass the time I'm pouring over the catalogue from Garden Organics and trying not to spend too much money, but it's my birthday is 6 weeks...

I am hoping to pop down at some point in the next couple of days (weather and new year hangover permitting) just to measure the various different areas. Last time I was down there I couldn't help but think the initial rough measurements are wildly inaccurate. Which of course means I can experiment with yet another (potential) plan for the allotment.

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